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4 Ways to Pursue Joy

Joy is both a gift from God and a command of God. We find joy in His presence (Psalm 16:11). So every follower of Christ can celebrate that through His Spirit, God is growing in them the fruit of Joy (Galatians 5:22). At the same time, we are...

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When Darkness is not Dark

Adapted from a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service message at Agape Church We are naturally drawn to light because most of us do not prefer the dark. At least we do not prefer it for long periods of time or in situations where it’s not planned. If the

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Thanksgiving for the Weary

Thanksgiving doesn’t always come easily to the heart heavy with grief or the soul battling weariness. It’s much easier to count our sufferings one by one; it’s much easier to lay out our burdens and keep a running list of them in our heads. But

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Compassion for the Crowds

Jesus Saw Jesus saw people. That is a very simple, but profound thought. In each place he visited, his eyes were on the crowds that gathered. I think it is reasonable to assume that these crowds were much like the crowds of our day. Made up of people

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Bless the LORD and Be Blessed

If you are a part of the Agape Ladies’ Bible study on Sunday evenings, you will hear this verse echoing what we’ve been learning in Ephesians 1. Paul begins his letter to the saints in Ephesus with some high praise to God. He begins by saying, “Blessed

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Deliver Us from Evil

How do we find peace in both praying for protection from evil, as well as deliverance from evil that we may already be experiencing?

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Live Generously, Give Cheerfully

If the LORD leads you to give as part of worship

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