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House of Prayer

Embracing the critical necessity of prayer for the Christian life and joyfully growing in its rightful practice. This series presents a mixture of exhortations from the word, as well as practical aids that help us to pray.

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The Call of Wisdom

The Call of Wisdom Can you hear me now? The famous Verizon Wireless commercials spoke to the frustration we all feel at some point using a cell phone. When you’re talking with someone (is it me or does it seem like it’s always during important conversations?)

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Choose Wisely

Our last study we looked at where Solomon sets up the purpose for the entire book and provides the foundation and/or the starting point to obtain wisdom. In the next set of verses, Solomon leads us to a timeless choice. Though we have ‘advanced’

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Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord

The whole purpose of these wisdom walks and why I’m doing this is found in Proverbs 1:2-4. But to prepare for our walk today, let’s pray through v. 5-6. Feel free to voice your own prayer from it or pray with me here. Holy Father, we come

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