2023 Daily Prayer Guide

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. — Colossians 4:2

Prayer & Worship

Gathering Together

Join us as we pray together each Sunday and at a special RELY Prayer and Worship Gathering on

Wednesday, September 13th at 6:30-8:00pm

Daily Scripture and Prayer Guides

Use the below guides as a starting point for daily prayers:

Sept. 03

Passage: Psalm 1


Father, may our delight in You ignite passion to meditate on Your Word; may our lives and prayers be transformed according to Your desires.

Sept. 04

Passage: Psalm 4


Father, please protect Agape from harm of all types as we go through this month of prayer; hear us as we call to you and give us your peace.

Sept. 05

Passage: Psalm 8


Father, give Agape knowledge and understanding of how majestic, excellent, powerful, and great is your name.

Sept. 06

Passage: Psalm 11


Father, give us a right fear of God that leads us to humble reliance on Jesus and His cross not trusting in our own good deeds but only in His!

Sept. 07

Passage: Psalm 12


Lord, let our hearts at Agape remain in You and be a remnant in a world that continues to venture further from Your word.

Sept. 08

Passage: Psalm 13


Lord, help Agape to rejoice in our salvation, resulting in all forms of righteousness.

Sept. 09

Passage: Psalm 15


LORD, give Agape a deep desire to live Holy lives abiding in Jesus – controlling our tongue, conducting our affairs with integrity, and loving one another as Christ has loved us.

Sept. 10

Passage: Psalm 16


Thank you O God for those that have come before us and ministered your word so that our inheritance would be rich. May we be able to do the same.

Sept. 11

Passage: Psalm 19


Father, change our hearts and minds to love your ways and your word more and more – far above our love for the things of the world.

Sept. 12

Passage: Psalm 23


Jesus, you are our good Shepherd; please lead us, comfort us, correct us gently when needed, and provide for all of Agape’s needs.

Sept. 13

Passage: Psalm 30


You are God of both our mountain tops and our valleys – may we sing Your praises in both, because you are worthy.

Sept. 14

Passage: Psalm 32


Father, fill Agape with spiritual understanding, that we would know you and your ways.

Sept. 15

Passage: Psalm 42


Lord, please increase hope and destroy discouragement among the people of Agape; let the strong among us become encouragers for those who are weak.

Sept. 16

Passage: Psalm 43


Lord, in this world of darkness may we, at Agape, be forevermore led by your holy light and lead others with us into your dwelling place!

Sept. 17

Passage: Psalm 46


God help Agape to perceive, behold, gaze upon, and contemplate the works of the Lord, fueling our worship.

Sept. 18

Passage: Psalm 53


Father, let us be so thankful for Jesus who is good and perfect and holy; may we rely on Him and ask that He deliver us from our failings.

Sept. 19

Passage: Psalm 63


Jesus, may we forevermore drink from your fountain and lead others to your well so that we will never thirst again.

Sept. 20

Passage: Psalm 67


God be gracious to Agape, bless us and make your face to shine upon us; that those around us may know your ways and saving power.

Sept. 21

Passage: Psalm 100


Father, make the people of Agape increasingly eager to come together to express our thanksgiving to you in worship; let us be a house of sincere praise.

Sept. 22

Passage: Psalm 121


LORD, please increase our faith and trust in you to help us in all of our needs; keep the people of Agape in your hands, delivering us from all trouble.

Sept. 23

Passage: Psalm 127


Father, please build up your household at Agape; make us a house of prayer who serve you always asking for your strength.

Sept. 24

Passage: Psalm 146


LORD, as we move forward make Agape into a house of prayer that relies on you for everything; set us free from sin and sickness, open our eyes to your word, lead our path, and look on us with favor.