A journey into the supremacy of Jesus as revealed in Colossians. This letter was written by a real person, in a real time, to a real church. In God’s sovereignty and His Spirit, this letter was written as much for us today as it was to the church in Colossae. By understanding the historical context, the people involved, and the motivations behind the writing, we gain insight into what we can receive from it today. Throughout our journey in Colossians, we discover the joy that comes from being in Christ, leading us to honor and worship Him. We come to understand that all things exist through Him and for Him, and His sacrifice on the cross restores God’s order and peace in all God’s creation. Together, we engage with the Gospel truth that Jesus is the precise image of the invisible God, holding everything together and renewing us in wisdom and knowledge. As we reflect on the letter’s significance for the original audience and its enduring relevance for us, we find strength to put to death our earthly desires.