Agape Newsletter: When Jesus Was Asked About Natural Disasters….

Hello friends,

This Sunday, due to the tornado disaster this week, we will be doing a couple of things differently. First, we are going to ask everybody to bring in items for distribution to storm victims, second, we are going to go a different direction in our time in the Word, third, we will spend time interceding in prayer for those affected by the storm. Here’s how that is going to work:

1. Thank you to those of you who have already given to help out storm victims. For those that haven’t had a chance to, bring the following items to Agape this Sunday, and they will be distributed quickly to storm victims: 1. Bottled Water 2. Bottled Juice 3. Toiletries 4. Diapers 5. Feminine Products 6. Blankets 7. Socks. 8. Tarps. 9. Snack boxes that won’t spoil and are packed well in a box. For now, please do not bring anything not on this list. Please ensure that everything is clean, well packed and usable. We will get these items to storm victims ASAP. Please purchase things at the store to give away – in this way we can share each other’s burden and love in a Godly way! We should have a trailer available to load your stuff onto. Please ensure that it is packed well for travel, as our trailer does not have a top!

2. We will still be looking at 1st Timothy 5, but our time in the Word is taking a different direction this week. Specifically, we will look at a time in the Bible where Jesus was asked about disasters, and Kind of addresses why natural disasters happen, and whether or not they are God’s judgment. His answers might surprise you!

3. We will spend time Sunday praying. Please pray between now and then. It is not wasted time, nor is it a mere religious exercise. The Father listens to the prayers of His people – His adopted children – so PRAY!

Upcoming Events:

1. Churchwide Clean up day – Saturday, May 21st, beginning at 9:00am. Our focus: Cleaning, replacing air filters, replacing light bulbs, replacing ceiling tiles, and fixing bathroom toilets. We need all hands on deck for this one!

2. Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal: THIS NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT! (May 4) Covered Dish – bring food to share. Starts at 7pm.

3. Wednesday Night ReLaunch Part 2: Next Wednesday night (May 11): Two new groups: Secrets of the Secret Place (led by Craig Huggart) and Radical Together (led by Chase Thompson).

4. 3rd Annual Family Fun Day and Man Food Cook Off. Sunday, June 5th. Add it to your calendars now! Cancel your vacations! This is something you DON’T want to miss! Family Fun Day has been called the most exciting and fun one day event in the last 500 years!

Storm Response Addendum: (a closer place to drop off donations!)

The below message is from Pastor Larry Ragland, of Solid Rock Church in Pinson. They are located right in the old Rock School building (across the street from Jacks and the Thrift Store) This might be a closer location to drop off items for storm victims. Please note their time of receiving items!

From Larry Ragland: “Ok folks, we have been given the go ahead to take a trailer of clothing, blankets, socks, bottled water, certain food items (ie, individually wrapped snacks, chips & other simple foods) to Pleasant Grove 2morrow morn (Friday). If you have any of these items please have them here between 7:00am – 8:30am. We will leave at 8:45 to deliver them. If you have any of these items please have them here between 7:00am – 8:30am. We will leave at 8:45 to deliver them. If you have clothing to donate you can leave them on the front porch of the Old Rock School. They said they really need blankets, socks and bottled water. Pre-made sandwiches (like PB and J and Ham and Cheese are okay – but no mayo, so they don’t spoil).”

Let’s round up our resources and help out!


Our Response to the Storm (Preliminary, Part 1)

Hello all,

Thank you all so much for writing back on my request for information on how we can help! It was quite an overwhelming and quick response with lots of good information.

Here are some preliminary ways we can help storm victims NOW. In the coming days, there may be opportunities for us to help together in a more organized way. At this point, they are still only allowing trained first responders in, and are discouraging untrained groups from coming in at the moment (though see below for volunteer opportunities)

To summarize the list below, I believe that we, as the Agape family, can best help now by giving needed items (through the Church of the Highlands site below – or one closer to your home), by donating money, and by signing up on one of the lists below to volunteer for service. This is our preliminary response. We will likely have a more organized one shortly as things become clearer.

Here’s how we can help:

Spiritually: Linda Jones writes that “the Birmingham Prayer Furnace will have a prayer gathering tonight at their facility from 7-9 PM. They said anyone can come at anytime today to pray. They are also open for those without power.” The Birmingham Prayer Furnace is located at: 5120 Cyrus Circle Birmingham, AL 35242. This is off of Valleydale Road, which is off of 280, near Inverness.

Donations: The Church of the Highlands is accepting donations of several items at its Grants Mill Road Campus until 8pm tonight. TCOH is located on Grants Mill Road, which is off of Interstate 459 near Irondale. They are accepting: Toiletries, paper towels, toilet tissue, feminine products, clothing, jackets, children’s toys, diapers, insulin, baby food, socks, bottled water, individual juices, band-aids, packaged food for distribution (that won’t spoil), and fruit cups. Please don’t bring junk, but please do bring needed items. They will be distributed quickly and efficiently! Here’s more information, including an address:

From Christy Riggins, donate through the Governors office of faith based initiatives:

Donate through the Red Cross (not a faith based organization):

Hands on Volunteering: The Birmingham Baptist Association is sending people out. Simply call 599-3245 and give them your cell number. They will put you on a list and call you if/when they have an assignment for you.

Hands on Birmingham:

Lot’s more resources:

Grace and Peace,


P.S. Please let us know if your home was damaged in the storm.

Resurrection Day at Agape this Sunday!

Hello Agape family! (And hello Secret Church people – I apologize for filling up your inbox this week!)

Resurrection Day is this Sunday, and we at Agape are going to be celebrating the triumph of Jesus over death in an unusual way. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dress casual, if you’d like. As John told us last week, we don’t want any barriers to people coming to a gathering of believers because they don’t have nice, new clothes. Let’s make people feel at home. Theologically speaking, this will also help us remember that there is nothing we can do (not even dress nice) to earn the love or favor of God. Remember that, “The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”” (1 Samuel 16:7)

2. We will begin with breakfast together at 10. Would you like to bring some extra special things for breakfast to share with each other? Please feel free to do so! We will continue with a rousing time of worship led in a celebratory way by our worship team and Anna Fargarson, who will be worshiping in dance. We will conclude with a look at the Revolution that Jesus ignited with His Resurrection. Come and join us and invite your friends!

3. Sunday is also a day we will be doing food pantry. How appropriate to share physical bread and food on the day that we celebrate the resurrection of the Bread of Life that was torn for us! If some of you could come early – say 9:00am to help with baskets – that would be marvelous!

Upcoming Dates:

1. Churchwide Clean up day – Saturday, May 21st, beginning at 9:00am. Our focus: Cleaning, replacing air filters, replacing light bulbs, replacing ceiling tiles, and fixing bathroom toilets. We need all hands on deck for this one!

2. 3rd Annual Family Fun Day and Man Food Cook Off. Sunday, June 5th. Add it to your calendars now! Cancel your vacations! This is something you DON’T want to miss! Family Fun Day has been called the most exciting and fun one day event in the last 500 years!

See you tonight at Secret Church, or see you Sunday at Agape!


Come to Church Tonight, or the Devil Will Get You! (Also: Secret Church: Last Chance!)

Perhaps you’ve seen this sign on I-65 heading south towards the beach? The title of my email is somewhat poking fun at this sign, which does not represent sound Biblical teaching. I would say, perhaps a better statement would be: Be the church and resist the devil together – then, he will flee from you.(James 4:7). That might not make for as memorable a sign, however.

Be that as it may – I do think coming together as the church is a good idea – and we have a great chance to do so tonight! Michael Fargarson will be teaching on personal ministry, and Kevin Small is teaching on Godly love (from 1 Corinthians 13). Stay tuned, because three weeks from tonight, we have a brand new block of classes launching! (More specifics in the next newsletter). It all begins at 7pm, but come early for coffee and fellowship. Remember we have some very discipleship focused children’s (Kids ReVive) and youth (EPIC) gatherings tonight also.

The Secret Church Simulcast is THIS FRIDAY, beginning at 6pm. Tickets are still free, but our free books have been given away. If you want a Secret Church Book (highly recommended if you come) then you need to bring $5.50 for it. You have about 24 hours left to sign up for Secret Church, and after that, you won’t be able to sign up online anymore. Here is the link: (just click the “Register” button), register for free, and you will be sent tickets. Be sure and read all of the important details!

See you tonight!


P.S. More on our Resurrection Day Celebration will be sent out this Friday.

This Sunday at Agape

Hello all,

I hope you can join us for breakfast, word and worship at Agape this Sunday at 10am! We are back in 1 Timothy 4, and we will be thinking through some interesting and important issues. We will be discussing Rob Bell’s (featured this week on the cover of Time magazine) and his recent work alleging that almost everybody will go to Heaven. Is he right? Does the Bible teach this? Will good people who die apart from Jesus live eternally with God? We will also be looking at some other important issues. In our passage this week (1 Tim. 4:9-16), Paul gives young Timothy five critical keys to fruitfulness in ministry. What are they? One of them is very supernatural and largely ignored in today’s church – it has to do with prophecy, and laying on of hands – is this something we should know about? Also – most of us know that we are saved by Grace through Faith, but do we actually live that way and teach that to others, or are our lives portraying the subtle false teaching (heresy) that we are saved and made right with God by our actions?

Also Sunday, John Talley will be sharing with us a compelling strategy for reaching people this Resurrection Day (Easter).

Finally- if you are interested in teaching a Wednesday night class during one of the next blocks of teaching (one of which starts in early May!) I invite you to come to a time of strategizing, training and discussion this Sunday night at Genesis. It will kick off at 7pm (one hour later than normal) and will be profitable for you even if you aren’t interested in teaching – all are invited. PLEASE let me know (by replying to this email) if you plan on coming Sunday night so we can determine ahead of time whether to meet at our house or Agape.

See you Sunday!


Secret Church at Agape – FREE Tickets!

Agape is hosting the Secret Church simulcast on Good Friday, April 22nd. Tickets are free, and the first fifty who register get the Secret Church book for free ($5.00 per book afterwards). Secret Church is an intense and powerful time of teaching by pastor David Platt, of the Church at Brookhills. If you are planning on coming, read the details below, and be sure to order your tickets now to ensure a spot at this event – and your free book! More details below:

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

This is a Ticket for the Secret Church Simulcast, as led by pastor David Platt of the Church at Brookhills.

Secret Church is an amazing six hour teaching time that will edify, encourage, challenge and blow you away.

There will be a love offering taken at Secret Church to help offset the cost of the books we are giving away, and streaming the simulcast. This event is sponsered in part by an upcoming Jesus focused LIVE internet talk show. (more details to come)

Those 13 and up are welcome to attend. Parents are strongly urged to only bring children below 13 that are able to sit still, listen and absorb the teaching offered. No childcare is provided for this event.

Please read the below websites (especially the Secret Church FAQ) before “purchasing” tickets!

More details at

More details on Secret Church at:

Secret Church FAQ at:

Contact us for more details!

Wednesday Nights @Agape!

Hello all,

This is just a quick email reminder to jog your memory about Wednesday’s @ Agape! Tonight Kevin Small will be teaching on 1st Corinthians – the love passage – and will be discussing how love is not arrogant or rude, but is mannered like Jesus. Also, Michael Fargarson will be teaching on Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – how to minister one on one to people, and help them find freedom in Jesus! The classes start at 7pm, but come a bit early and enjoy some coffee, fellowship and children throwing paper airplanes (or whatever) in a haphazard manner!

Nursery is provided and we also have excellent and Bible centered discipleship groups for kids (Kids ReVive) and teenagers (EPIC Youth), so come check us out!

Don’t forget about our new website! Check out the blog here:
Please subscribe to iTunes here:
And “Like” us on Facebook here:

Finally, here’s some videos:

I believe this will be very moving to many of you: The Gospel Song (an animation):

Also, you might just be amazed at how large and intricate an ant bed can be!

Free Food this Sunday at Agape!

Hello all,

This Sunday morning, beginning at 10am, we will be having our food pantry ministry at Agape. What this means is that if you are a family that needs food (and you meet certain income qualifications) we will have a free large bag of groceries to give you. If you are a widow, or person with many children, we can possibly help more than that. Here is how our Sunday morning process will work:

10:00Am – Arrive and those that need food, sign up at the food ministry table in the sanctuary.
10:02Am – The entire congregation – (members, guests, people that come for food) sit down and eat a home cooked breakfast, which includes made from scratch biscuits, eggs, homemade pancakes, juice, and more. All are invited to eat with us, and there is no charge.
10:40am – Worship starts (note: we have no special dress code at Agape…come dressed as casual as you like!)
11:?? At some point, the worship music will end, children’s church will begin, and there will be a Biblical message given

At approximately 12:15-12:30, we will begin to hand out the free bags of groceries. The people who arrived first will be the first to pick up their food. If you are unable, or not interested in coming to breakfast and worship with us – don’t worry…you can still get a bag of food! Just come at 12:15 to pick up the food. There will be several people in line in front of you, and it may be that we run out of meat (when we don’t have enough) but there is generally enough food to give out, even to the latecomers.

Feel free to email us through our contact page with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!