The Fall Session of AgapeU will begin on Wednesday, October 9th and continue weekly until November 13th. Each class will begin at 6pm with a free meal for all visitors. Childcare as well as classes for children and teens will be available as well.

For the summer session, we are offering 2 classes for adults to choose from:

Option #1: On Marriage
This will be a practical, faith-based class that will look at what Biblical Marriage is, the challenges that exist for husbands and wives, and solutions from the Word to walk that out.

Option #2: Families Count – Parenting Class
Families Count is a faith-based parenting class that has been taught all over the country as a way of restoring and strengthening families. Developed by LifeLine Children Services in Birmingham, this class covers topics such as discipline methods, childhood development, home-life structure, resource budgeting, generational cycles, unintended parenting messages, and much more. This class is intended for families working on reconciliation, parents of children still in the home, and even for couples who may be planning to start a family.

If you are interested in either of these classes, email for more information or to register.