What is Agape U?
Agape U is the new equipping and outreach ministry of Agape church. It is being rolled out in the spring of 2018. Each Agape U session will offer a variety of classes and will occur on Wednesday nights, lasting for 7 weeks. We have 3 Agape U events planned in 2018: spring, summer, and fall. Each will include 6 weeks of classroom participation, coupled with a final celebration night.

Why Agape U?

We desire to reach our community with the good news of Jesus! Each Agape U session will offer Christ-centered, life-help classes to our area. We want the class offerings to appeal to the needs of the people surrounding our church. The topics will change and expand, but examples might include classes on parenting, marriage, finances, addiction support, apologetics, or basic Christian living.

What is the goal of Agape U?

We want to introduce people to Jesus Christ and His church. The bible tells us that Jesus saw the crowds in his day and was moved with compassion because they were weary and worn out; confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36). Through Agape U we hope to meet the people of our community where they are, to speak to their struggles, equip them with the wisdom of Jesus, and to point to Him as the answer to all struggles. Our hope is that in the process of joining us for Agape U, our community will meet the people of God, be equipped for their journey, and – if they do not have one – find a church home at Agape.

How will Agape U involve the members of our church?

Bottom line: Agape U can only be fruitful by the power of God working through the gifts of His people. Here is what we have to offer our community: Jesus in us! As our community comes to these classes we want to greet them, serve them, get to know them, break bread with them, and learn right beside them. Our members will seek to be equipped in the SAME classes offered to the community. Furthermore, we want to (if allowed) reach out to them during the week to offer prayer and encouragement.

How does Agape U fit into the vision of the church?

We believe the purpose of our church is tied to the Great commands and the Great commission of Jesus Christ. As a church we exist to Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, to Love our neighbor as ourselves, and to make disciples by teaching people to observe all that Jesus taught (Matthew 22:36-40, Matthew 28:16-20). To put another way – we are seeking gospel connections that are UPWARD (toward God), INWARD (toward God’s people), and OUTWARD (toward our community). Agape U aims to glorify God (UPWARD) by strengthening our church (INWARD) and equipping our community (OUTWARD).

What about Kids during Agape U?
Our goal is to minister to the entire family that comes through the doors for Agape U by providing childcare and classes for newborns to adults. We are planning on nursery for ages 0 to 4, Kid’s ministry for ages 5 to 12, and Youth classes for ages 13 to High School graduates.

What will an Agape U night look like?

Dinner will be served on an Agape U night at 6pm. We want our members to arrive by 5:45pm to greet visitors. If possible, we would ask our members to contribute $5.00 per person ($20.00 max per family) for the meal. This will help offset costs and allow us to offer dinner FREE to our community. At 6:40pm we will transition through a brief time in a large group. BY 7pm, classes FOR ALL AGES will begin and they will wrap up at 8:30pm.

How can I serve at an Agape U event?
As Agape U progresses, so will the needs. Each event will require our church to serve in a variety of positions. We will make these needs known specifically with each session – but in general we will need people to work nursery, assist with children and youth ministry, prepare and serve food, cleanup in the kitchen, and even lead classes! Financial donations will also be welcomed and will go toward the cost of class material, advertisements, and meals.  Above all we need our church to come, greet, and break bread with the people in our community. We do not want them to walk into an empty building, we want them to meet the family of Christ at Agape.

When is Agape U scheduled?
Spring Session: Feb 21st – April 4th.

    Class Offerings for adults:

  • #1 Families Count parenting class (led by David and Alyson McConnell)
  • #2 Answering Life’s Greatest Questions (Biblical Apologetics led by Chase Thompson)
    Other classes:

  • Kid’s Ministry led by John Talley and Sarah Latimer
  • Youth Class led by Nick and Lisa Jenkins

Subject to change:
Summer Session: June 6th – July 18th. Class Offerings: TBD
Fall Session: October 3rd – Nov 14th. Class Offerings: TBD