Agape News – Come join us Wednesday night!

Hello friends,

Don’t forget that tomorrow (Wednesday) night we are continuing our small group classes at Agape! It is not too late at all to get involved in a group, and you have two to choose from:

  • The 1st Corinthians 13 class is taught by Kevin Small and is centered on the “love chapter” of the Bible. This week we will be covering what the Bible teaches us that love actually is. I went to this class last week and had a great time!
  • The Personal Ministry class is going through a book called “Instruments in the Hands of the Redeemer”, and is designed to teach people how to engage in one on one ministry. It is a class that teaches how to use God’s Word to help people through trials, how to counsel broken people, and how to encourage each other. I heard great feedback on the class this week.

Both classes begin around 7, but come early for coffee and fellowship!
Nursery is provided and potty trained kids get to go with Kids ReVive to be either taught by Mrs. Lynn or Sam and Laurie. Kid’s ReVive and EPIC youth both start at 6:30, so be sure and come early.

Speaking of EPIC: This is from David: We are fasting tomorrow (Wed) praying for purity among EPIC. Specifically sexual purity. Understanding that if the demand for the sex trade goes away, then so does the sex trade. So we are calling ourselves to a deeper place of purity Also, Sunday morning at 9:40AM, David, Neely and the youth are meeting at the altar Sunday before breakfast to pray for those caught in sex slavery, and they invite all of us to join them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Linda Roberts. Linda has had a terrible increase in pain over the last two weeks and has had to be put on Oxycontin. She is only able to stay in her wheel chair for an hour or two at a time, and thus has not been able to join us at Agape for the last few weeks. I talked with her yesterday, and she wanted to tell everybody hello, and to let you know that she (and Jason + the kids) have really missed everybody! ¬†She also asked for us to pray for her pain. It is very severe, and demoralizing to her. She is scheduled to attend a pain clinic soon, but first will likely be in the hospital for 2 weeks for extended therapy. Please, please remember them in prayer!
  • Also pray for Charish and Shae – if you will recall, they were both baptized at Agape in January. They both were involved in wrecks over the weekend, and Charish hurt her back. Please pray for healing and grace on their cars, which were somewhat damaged.

See you tomorrow night!



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